We Need Leaders – Not Politicians

Many disparage politicians and cast them to a lot unworthy of high respect and esteem. ?I disagree.? I think public service of any form is an honorable profession.

Those who should be regarded with disdain however, are politicians who don?t go beyond politicking ? those who don?t cross the bridge to leading!? Tragically though, we are often lacking real leadership in politics.

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I spent the first 14 years of my life in a vicious civil war.? I could probably fill volumes with scary memories of a young life lived in Beirut, Lebanon in the 1980?s.? More than 250 thousand were killed!

As I look today at the country I emigrated from 23 years ago, I see the same national leaders still in power.? Factional, regional, ethnic, and religious lines divide communities that are created by chiefs who rule with intimidation and demagoguery.

We repress such sad realities of our world. ?But the truth is self-evident?

25,000 people die daily of hunger.? In the last two years 70 thousand were killed in Syria. ?In the Rwandan genocide in the 1990?s more than 500,000 perished.

How barbaric. ?How inhumane.

And as the USA faces a 16 trillion dollar national debt, and a trillion plus deficit yearly, and while Europe sinks deeper into economic turmoil, I have one simple question to ask?

Why do leaders fail us?

We need leaders squarely facing the biggest challenges of our day with guts and gusto.? We need leaders of integrity, courage, humility, dignity, and vision.

We have become numb to the failure of leadership in politics. ?Failure that leads to pain, less freedom, and sometimes death.

It is easy to point the finger?so may it start with you and me! ?In your circle of influence and in mine, however small it may be, will we face the toughest challenges of our people and for our people with boldness and courage?

Your friend,
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