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Should Christian Leaders Aim to Make a Lot of Money?

Wow. Your responses to our survey yesterday were so moving and thought-provoking. Thank you for taking a few moments to share your feedback and real struggles from your personal leadership journeys. I will prayerfully respond to these in coming weeks as topics in our daily posts. If you haven’t responded to our brief survey and […]

I Need a Favor From You

I’d like to ask a small favor of you today to fill out a brief four-question survey. Your feedback matters to me! In the spirit of mentoring Christian leaders and entrepreneurs, I started writing weekly articles in 2012. Recently, I began publishing leadership articles and videos daily, Monday through Friday. I hope and pray that […]

Four Responsibilities of a Christian Business Leader

A Christian business leader should lead with four principles. Lead with Christian ethics. At the heart of effective Christian business leadership is the dedication to lead with Christian ethics. This means embodying the teachings of love, compassion, and integrity in all your interactions. When Christian values are prioritized, a leader fosters the kind of workplace […]

What Gives You Life and Oxygen?

A few years ago I was visiting Bishop George Gishana, a wonderful church leader and founder and senior pastor of the notable Deliverance Church in Eldoret, Kenya. His son David, a superb leader and partner, gave me a tour of the bishop’s office, which is full of books. David told me, “Books give my dad […]

When People Don’t Do What They Should

A dear friend and ministry partner in Central America sent me this question recently: In addition to prayer, what would be a good way to deal with people who just do not want to do what they’re expected to do? Since this is an excellent leadership topic, I’d like to answer her in this article: Whether […]

Human Advancement Has Dangerously Outpaced Our Ethics

Do you ever wonder why human advancement has taken an almost vertical upward spike, while our ethics have not? As I see the world ache with wars and deadly dysfunction, I think about this paradox with sadness and bewilderment. Going on a brief promenade through the curves of history, we see a steady but slow […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Today, US citizens celebrate Thanksgiving. So, I will give you a rest from leadership topics and instead wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family if you are celebrating in the US. I am thankful for you, my reader, for following my mentorship program. You bless me by pursuing growth as a leader and trusting […]

How to Build a Vibrant Volunteer Organization

I recently received a message from a friend who leads an all-volunteer worship team that performs at churches and Christian conferences. He responded to my Business and Missions article and said: “I totally agree! We are trying to do this within our worship team. We are even trying to use the AGILE way of working […]

Leading with Success Begins on Your Knees

You fight every day for your team, your people, and your organization. However, if you are not fighting on your knees—praying first to engage in spiritual battle—you will miss out on God’s guidance and your true success. As a Christian leader, what is your discipline for praying for your people, your teams, and your organization? […]

What to Do When Others Hurt You

I recently had lunch with a young man I mentor. He described how he is wrestling with properly dealing with a group of peers who hurt him in the past. It seems he grew significantly faster than them in some areas, and the gap created tension. I shared with him four principles to follow when […]

The Thin Line Between Growth and Burnout

It is fashionable for leadership gurus to encourage failure. It is said, and I agree with this, that when we try and risk, failure is an acceptable consequence. As a matter of fact, the principle goes that when we are not failing, we may not be striving to reach our maximum potential, meaning a certain […]

Seven Mistakes That Will Crush an Acquisition

The following are seven mistakes we made when our organization acquired two medical facilities a few years back. 1. No one knew until the last minute. Imagine working in a place, minding your business, when suddenly the business is being sold and you had no clue. Allowing the seller to do this was our first […]
I mentor Christian leaders and entrepreneurs.
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