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Keep Your Key Message on Repeat

Last year I met Jeff Henderson, a marketing executive who years ago worked with Truett Cathy, the venerable founder of Chick-Fil-A. Jeff described how during a leadership conference, Truett told his mangers, “I would like all of us to respond with the phrase my pleasure when a customer expresses appreciation.” Of course, this response has […]
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10 Principles for Sowing into the Lives of Others

As leaders should we seek to continuously deposit nuggets of truth into our people? Sometimes when we bare our heart, sharing and teaching, but see little results, sowing into the lives of others can feel like a waste of time. But we must not lose heart. If we expect that every single seed we sow […]
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Explaining Death to a Child

If you are a parent, you most certainly will have to face this arduous task at some point in the journey—telling your child about death. This was my wife and I’s first time… Today, our 10-week-old husky killed one of our chickens, an event that has not happened at our household before. I was on […]
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Yes, You Can Grow People

Some say leaders cannot grow people, that rather, people must grow themselves. While this is technically true, that we cannot listen to and apply wisdom for them, we can certainly cultivate an environment in which any reasonable person will grow. If we leave people to their own devices to grow because we ascribe to the line […]
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Stop Living in Every Area of Your Strengths

Stop Living in Every Area of Your Strengths Live in your strengths is a recipe for success. While I agree with the wisdom, I would like to offer a clarification.  For maximum effectiveness, we must not live is every area of our strengths. The Live In Your Strengths Principle The live in your strengths idea […]
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Reflections of a Leader

Reflections of a Leader The discovery of COVID in 2020 unleashed a very busy season for me as a leader. I had to immediately reevaluate my personal and professional priorities, thus necessitating that I stop writing weekly leadership articles. Prior to March 2020, I had been writing articles almost without ceasing since September 2012. Now, […]
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