What is GREAT Leadership?

A leader is a person who has commanding authority or influence ? at least that is what Meriam-Webster says.

But what is GREAT leadership?

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It is when people follow you?

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  • Because they want to, not because they have to.
  • Because they love you, not because they fear you.
  • Because they like you, not because they need you.
  • Because of your heart, not because of your position.
  • Because of your passion, not because of your reasons.
  • Because you respect them, not because you direct them.
  • Because you inspire them, not because you require more of them.
  • Because of who you are, not because of what they get.
  • Because you give them hope and healing, you give them help and meaning.
  • Because with you everyone succeeds?together.
  • Because it is you ? a person of integrity, dignity, humility, and magnanimity.[/unordered_list]

Great leadership takes people to great destinations – but gets there by respecting people?s humanity and honoring their high aspirations and ideals. ?And so?

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  • Great leadership loves, feels, and dreams.
  • Great leadership empowers, inspires, and encourages.
  • Great leadership sacrifices, forgives, and gives.
  • Great leadership lays down her life for others.
  • Great leadership is wise, patient, and kind.
  • Great leadership is confident, resolute, and strong.[/unordered_list]

Great leadership is Martin Luther King Jr. dreaming a great dream and inspiring the world to be better.

Great leadership is Ghandi forging peace out of tyranny through love.

Great leadership is Jesus dying to save His world.

My friend ? Let?s aim to become great leaders!

Your Friend,
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Reading: ?This week I am reading the book Lead with LUV by Ken Blanchard and Colleen Barrett.


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