3 Traits You Need When You Want to Give Up

Here they are: ?Passion, Purpose, and Discipline.

You’ve been there, right? ?Those desperate times when you want to give up? ?These three areas will help you stay in the fight (they help me!).

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Passion gives you fire.
Purpose gives you direction.
Discipline gives you focus.

Anytime I push myself outside of my comfort zone, things get tough.? In the areas I am not as familiar with, I often miss when I fire.? I over-commit, I over-promise, or I over-estimate. ?I under-perform, I under-prepare, or I under-deliver.? Why? ?Because I am outside of my comfort zone.

Then, I doubt myself.
Then, I want to quit.
Can you relate?

In those dark moments when things are closing in on you, when you have given it your very best and cannot give anymore, that very moment of despair in your heart of hearts when you know you have gone astray, and you want to give up. ?How do you keep going?

As I look back at my life, many moments have passed when I felt this way. ?Many times I simply wanted to quit. ?As I have grown older, and have had more life experience, I still feel this way ? but I want to quit with more important things.

I felt this way as a teenager about to get on stage at a piano competition, and I had just come from the bathroom because I got sick from being so nervous.? I felt this way during my residency after I had been up for 23 hours, and I could not keep my eyes open any longer. ?I felt this way when I started a business and it failed, and I let people down. ?I felt this way when I flew off the handle talking to an employee when I should have been calm. ?I felt this way last week, when I questioned why I am writing this blog when I can be resting from a long day at work.

For those moments when you want to give up, I want to tell you: ?it?s okay.? You are human, and you?re in good company!

Give yourself a pat on the back. ?You?ve done well. ?You?ve fought a good fight.

And no, don?t give up?I won?t give up either! ?Let?s stay in the fight. ?Here?s what helps me:

  • Renew your passion ? What makes you tick, what gets you excited, what gives you energy? ?When do you come alive and are filled with life and love and fire?? GUIDE YOUR LIFE THERE.
  • Revisit your purpose ? What is the purpose of your life? ?What is it you want to accomplish? ?What is it you want to be?? What is the one destination you want to arrive at before you leave this planet? ?GUIDE YOUR LIFE THERE.
  • Sharpen your discipline ? What keeps you on board? ?What keeps you focused? ?What helps you stay centered? ?Who keeps you motivated and accountable? ?GUIDE YOUR LIFE THERE.

When your passion is alive, your purpose is defined, and your discipline is ready, you can weather all the storms and scale any mountain.

There is no success without persistence.
There is no persistence without resilience.
And there is no resilience without these three:? Passion, Purpose, and Discipline.

Know them clearly.
Review them constantly.
Hold on to them dearly.

Especially in that dark hour?.
Aim high.? For the sake of others.

Keep on the fight!

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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Reading:? This week I am reading the book Lead with LUV by Ken Blanchard and Colleen Barrett.

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  • Jamie Adams
    Posted at 09:52h, 15 February

    recently I have set many new (HARD!) goals for myself. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like a failure. This blog came at exactly the right time, so thank you. I hope that will be rewarding next time you feel to tired to write. 🙂

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