Leading with Success Begins on Your Knees

You fight every day for your team, your people, and your organization. However, if you are not fighting on your knees—praying first to engage in spiritual battle—you will miss out on God’s guidance and your true success.

As a Christian leader, what is your discipline for praying for your people, your teams, and your organization?

I’ve found that consistency in my prayer life is not affected so much by discipline, as it is when I adhere to the right theology about prayer. If you have not wrestled, sought, and settled on satisfactory answers to the following questions, most likely you will not practice a lifestyle of prayer.

  • Do you think prayers are heard?
  • Do you believe prayer changes things?
  • Do you believe the battle is about becoming a better leader and making things happen, or is the battle won when there are spiritual victories?

Remember the Bible verse that says that the horse is prepared for the battle, but the victory is from the LordWhile you may be the best leader in the world, the Lord has your next steps in mind. If you believe this to be true, you will pray. If you truly believe prayer changes things, you will pray.

May the Lord help us today to increase our faith and put prayer first.

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