Launch, Then Improve

I would like to issue a challenge to you today: Whatever you are trying to create, whatever you keep editing and refining, whatever you keep working on ?one more time? to make perfect?

Go ahead and launch.?Improve later!


Launching Is Winning

Some may disagree. They may say, ?Imagine if Apple launched and produced millions of the iPhone 6, and they were mostly defective. They would go out of business. Apple makes sure their phones are impeccable before they launch them.” That?s true for Apple, launching the iPhone 6. But their first iPhone was by no means perfect. They launched it anyway. It was perfect enough. Most of the time, we can launch even when our idea is less than perfect, then improve as we go. Many times though, we’re afraid to take the risk. Sometimes, it keeps us from launching at all.

I heard this concept recently at a conference, and it prompted me to reflect on my previous launches, and my lack of launching. I thought about how many ideas (this?website being one of them), that I started, then improved as I went. I also thought of the many ideas that I should have launched, but was too scared to pull the trigger. I missed opportunities to succeed and to learn.

Of course, we should carefully consider when to apply this theory. If you are about to do brain surgery, for instance, please make sure you are not launching into the procedure before you know what you are doing. ?Short of that, think seriously about launching, as soon as possible.

Launch All the Time

If you read about people?who have experienced mega-success in any field, you will notice one common thread. They were launchers. They tried, and tried, and launched. They stumbled, then stood back up. They learned, they failed, they succeeded, then failed again. They paused. Then they tried, and launched again. They went for it. Launching was their story. When launching is your story, success will be your destiny. Twitter_logo_blue

I am not suggesting that we?should be reckless?but?almost reckless. If we are to experience success, we have to approach the line of recklessness. I hope we don?t cross it often, but sometimes we may. And that’s okay, as long as we are disciplined to keep taking steps forward, and consistently launching into our dream.

Go for it. Launch something today!

Actionable step: Launch the project you have been thinking about today or this week. Just do it!

Your Friend,
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Did you know? I used to drive a white 1963 Volkswagon Beetle. It was my grandpa?s old car.


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