13 Questions to Ask Yourself Mid-Year

It?s mid-year. Time to stop and reflect. I encourage you to block out a few hours for your mid-year reflection. You?ll need to:

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  • Seclude yourself.
  • Turn your phone off.
  • Take your journal or something to write on.
  • Reassess.


mid-year reflection

Here are some key questions to consider during your evaluation. These are the most important areas I like to focus on in my life. You may want to adopt some of these, add your own, or start a list from scratch. Just key in on the areas that are most important in your own life.

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  • Faith: How can I improve my walk with God?
  • Direction: Am I happy with where my life is headed?
  • Character: What areas of my character should I be working on?
  • Health: What health goals do I need set?
  • Thinking: How can I block regular time to think?
  • Emotions: What emotions do I struggle with?
  • Growth: What is my growth plan for the next 6 months?
  • Time Management: How should I allocate my time differently?
  • Disciplines: What disciplines do I need to keep, and which ones do I need to add?
  • Relationships: What relationships do I need to grow, and which might I need to end?
  • Leadership: What is my greatest leadership challenge?
  • Business: What are my professional plans for the next 4 quarters?
  • Life: Am I enjoying life?


Discipline yourself to stop and reevaluate for a few hours or even a day or two at mid-year. Twitter_logo_blue?It is phenomenal how little we stop and reflect. We are all busy, and mostly do our thinking ?on the go.? But I believe you will find, as I have, the tremendous value in assessing your progress and forecasting your goals for the next six months.

Will you join me in taking some time in the middle of 2014 to think about your journey? I would love to hear how you do this and what you discover in the comments section below.

Your Friend,
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