10 Essential Traits of Inwardly Successful People

Last week I shared how we must become more focused on inward success than outward success.  Even though as leaders, a lot of our work seems to be outwardly positioned, may our focus remain on the inward successes that far outweigh and outlive our visible achievements.

Here are ten realms inwardly successful people cultivate regardless of their outward success. You don’t have to have money to excel in the following areas. How do you develop these inward traits on a daily basis?

  1. Tend to the eternal. Put God first. Develop spiritual maturity. Love God.
  2. Prioritize your family. Provide, protect, and nurture your family.
  3. Conquer oneself. Form daily habits that lead to good physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health including sleep, nutrition, and exercise.
  4. Be content. Like the Bible tells us, learn to be content whatever the situation. (Philippians 4:11-13 ESV)
  5. Serve others. Honor people. Be compassionate and kind. Sow into the life of others.
  6. Develop your character. Work on being more patient, empathic, and resilient.
  7. Increase in wisdom. Pour into your mind and consciousness timeless principles and healthy habits of living.
  8. Be a faithful steward. Whatever is given to you, make it a shining success.
  9. Win the battle over your thoughts. Be the master of your thoughts. Don’t let your thoughts have full reign.
  10. Keep your emotions in check. Know what emotions you wrestle with. Be intentional to keep them in check.

Who is more successful? A person who scores an eight in these areas and has few material assets, or a person who scores a three on these, but has billions of dollars in the bank?

If as leaders we focus on these inward traits, I believe we will achieve outward success when the time presents itself. Should that time never come, so be it. We would still have been and done very well indeed, succeeding in what matters.

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