Two Ideas to Make Your Leadership Powerful

These two ideas will upend your leadership—in a positive way!

  1. You can do it alone.
  2. You need others.

The statements seem completely opposite to one another, but they are not. Let me explain.

You can do it alone.

What do Ghandi, Mandella, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mother Theresa all have in common? They were so resolute and confident that each of them shared the same attitude that said ‘regardless who helps me, I am making this happen.’ Each one personally charged the darkness. They inspired the masses. They boldly forged forward. And along the way, they changed the world.

I saw this statement recently, “Once you realize you can do it alone, you become a very powerful person.” At first glance, it seems conceited and misguided. But upon further thought, I find that it holds a deep truth that unleashes untold potential.

What should you do alone? The dreaming. The planning. The strategizing. The hard work to spark momentum. You don’t need anyone to catch your heart afire or steer your mindset toward a particular direction. You don’t need anyone’s help to work on a deep seated conviction, to wholeheartedly start the process, even if you have to toil and sacrifice alone.

 You need people.

Realizing that you don’t need others in order to dream, plan, strategize, and even begin the work is powerful. However, knowing that you need leaders to join you in order to give your vision shape and help you make it happen is just as crucial.

People love to follow a passionate leader—one with conviction, who gives it their all, who aims to scale mountains—who will make a difference. Without leaders and people following us, all our effort and potential is diminished.

At different periods in my life, I was that person. I was championing great visions and going at it alone. Then all of a sudden amazing, beautiful, powerful leaders came alongside me to join their efforts with mine. Still other times in my life, I followed other leaders who inspired me to support their dreams.

Sadly, many leaders tackle big, heart-moving projects and dreams, but they neglect to empower others to help them. When this transpires, they typically don’t go far and don’t last long.

The level of effectiveness of a leader is directly proportionate to these two traits.

  1. Believe you can do it alone.
  2. Believe you need others.

Do you have them? And to what degree?

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