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My Top 5 Questions for Alignment

  In this article, I will share with you the exact questions I use with my inner circle in our biannual?evaluations. This is our time of aligning. In my previous post, I described why I prefer to use a narrative approach (versus a numerical one) to articulate how we?evaluate one another, our relationship, and our […]
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How to Make a Growth Plan

When I lead discussions about personal development, I always?ask who would like to experience personal growth? Everyone raises their hands. And I love that. But when I ask who has a growth plan… Silence. Usually, no hands are raised. In this article I’m sharing a link to my own growth plan template, along with two […]
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Create Your Growth Plan?Part 2: Book Reading

So you have decided to create a growth plan. ?Where do you start? A book reading plan! Being exposed to new principles and ideas from books is indispensable if you want to be intentional about your personal development. Authors often spend years researching and documenting their best thoughts and ideas about areas they have wrestled […]
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