Worn Out as a Leader? Healthy Heart = Healthy Life

As a leader, you are always dreaming and pushing ? and if you are like me, often cracking under the weight of responsibility you put on yourself.

Ambitious tendencies often get in the way of an immensely important area that you should never ignore ? the condition of your heart. ?Having a healthy heart should be our number one priority.

Let me explain?.

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Do you ever get into seasons in your life where you run yourself into the ground?? You focus on your lofty ideals and goals, as well as your God-given purpose, but then forget your own heart.? You find yourself empty and unable to give any longer. ?What’s the condition of your heart?

It becomes unhealthy!

Here is how we are with a healthy heart: Can you think of the times when you feel at peace, centered, fulfilled, confident, passionate, and focused?? You know, those times when you are able to love more, forgive more, and lead better.? The times when you are not short-tempered, irritable, or confused. ?The times when you sleep soundly, don?t rush through life, yet you are productive and focused.

I am not talking about being happy, or even content.? Go beyond that.? I am talking about the times when regardless of what is happening to you, what is happening in you is so mystically beautiful and strong that you can withstand life and all its storms.

A healthy heart should always be our top priority, not for selfish reasons, but because that is when we honor our humanity, and are able to give the most.

As a physician, a co-owner of a busy business, and participant in several ventures I started or support, I admit that I often easily slip into seasons when my life purpose and my passions take over my life.

So as I often ask myself, I want to ask you: ?What is the condition of your heart?

And then, I ask:? What maintains my heart to remain ?full??

I recently wrote down a few areas that truly fill my heart.? They are simple, but always work when I am disciplined to do them daily. ?Yours maybe different, but I would like to share mine with you. Here they are:

[unordered_list style=’number’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’]

  • Exercise
  • Good sleep
  • Reading
  • Personal growth time
  • Reading the Bible and praying
  • Being organized[/unordered_list]

While there are other activities that are fulfilling and pleasurable, these are the simple core activities that I can easily do, and they keep my tank full as long as I give them priority daily.

And when I do, I think better thoughts; I have a better attitude.? I have more focus and discipline to fulfill my life purpose and live in my passions.

So if you are worn out, stressed out, or at the point of cracking, consider stopping today and following these steps:

[unordered_list style=’number’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’]

  • Decide that the condition of your heart should always be top priority.? (Write a note, and post it somewhere where you can see it daily.)
  • Know and be aware of the condition of your heart at least on a daily basis.? (Maybe at the time when you reflect daily or when you write in your journal.)
  • Know exactly what fills your heart and keeps it healthy.? (Make a list.)
  • Be disciplined to do those activities daily.? (And when you fail, restart, and restart again.)[/unordered_list]

Your life is a beautiful gift.? You deserve to be okay, happy, and healthy ? consider starting with a healthy heart!

Your friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

The seed thought for this blog comes from a podcast by Michael Hyatt that really made me think about the condition of my own heart.


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