Three Beautiful Words That Can Change Your Life

There are a few words that I absolutely cherish. Like a pearl oyster, these words contain a gem. They contain beauty and healing.

Great leadership is born of the heart. Twitter_logo_blue?And these three words are all heart.


words that can change your life

At their core, these words paint a soothing portrait for the soul. I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to grow in these daily with God?s help.


While I may feel I have the right and ability to hurt you, I choose not to.

If someone hurt you badly, no one will usually fault you for hurting them back. In a way, you can justify responding in kind. It can be argued that you have the right to. Maybe at times we feel this justification, but we do not retaliate because we do not have the ability to. Maybe it is our boss, or someone bigger and better than us. When we have both the right and the ability, but we choose not to, we are magnanimous.

Why choose magnanimity? Because that is the place we must get to if we are to rise above our fallen self, live beyond our decadent urges, and consistently honor other people.


You don?t deserve it, but I will lavishly give it to you anyway.

A Christian principle at its core, God?s grace is a model for us to emulate in our own lives. Twitter_logo_blue?The unmerited favor of God on us that we will hopefully reflect onto others.

I choose to give grace as a doctor when I smile even after a sick child sneezes in my face, a drug addict lashes out at me, or a person shows me a wound on their pungent feet. Jesus did it first. He washed smelly feet. His disciples did not deserve this humble act, but He lavishly gave it to them anyway.

Don’t just give to people whom you deem deserving of what you have to give. Give it also to the underserving. By doing so, you will be exhibiting grace.


I decide to unconditionally care about your?wellbeing.

In love there is power. I don?t have to explain love. We all know it when we give it, and we know it when we receive it. It is unmistakable. We complicate love too much. Just caring, truly caring about someone’s wellbeing is love. Caring that is embodied in consistent positive action toward that person.

Three simple words.
Three life-changing principles.
They are difficult to apply because to fully apply them, you must fully become them.

Your Friend,
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