Why Seek the Lord in Areas of Strength

We tend to seek God in our areas of weakness, confusion, or inability. We plead for His help to complete us and guide us. This is right. But today, I want to invite us as leaders to consider how we do in seeking God in our areas of confidence, areas in which we excel.

I learned this lesson from studying the life of David. In this verse, King David asked the Lord for military advice, even though David was a proven military leader and strategist.

One might ask, why seek God if He already gave us the wisdom, experience, and knowledge to handle it? Some may argue that God gave us intellect, so we should just use it. Then we have no need to keep checking and praying for advice in those areas.

I disagree with this line of thinking. We must acknowledge God and inquire of Him even in our areas of strength because even when we are strong, compared to Him we are weak. We may be wise in some areas, but compared to Him, we are foolish.

I am guilty of this. I get busy, comfortable, and I make decisions, sometimes big ones, because I am confident I can. After all, I feel like the Lord has shaped me and equipped me and gifted me in these areas.

Join me today in deciding that in both the areas of our strengths and weaknesses, we will beseech the Lord to guide us.

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