Why Compassion is Key to Great Leadership

It is imperative that your people know and feel your genuine compassion toward them ? all the time?if you want to excel in leadership!

Let me share with you why?

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Compassion in leadership simply says: ?I care about your wellbeing!

And that caring is bathed in thoughts, words and actions that clearly and consistently demonstrate it.

The first trick to excelling in this area is very obvious but the most difficult: ?You have to truly and genuinely care about people?s wellbeing!? Here is the reality about people, about us. ?We are messy. ?People are messy. Caring about people is not for the faint of heart.? It takes depth of character, sacrifice, and courage.

You may ask me, ?But, why is it important to have compassion in leadership??

Let me share with you how I feel about the leaders I follow.

I want to be with people who care about my wellbeing.? Don?t you?? I want my family, my friends, and my coworkers to care about me.? And I certainly want the person who has authority over me to care.? I want my mayor, senator, and president to care about my wellbeing.? And I need to know they care!

The minute they do, and the more they do, the more loyalty, effort and dedication they will naturally get from me ? the more I will follow them and support them.

Why? ?Because I know:[unordered_list style=’number’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’]

  • They will not hurt me.
  • They will not abuse me.
  • They will not take advantage of me.
  • They will care for me.
  • They will nurture me.
  • They will want the best for me.
  • They will want my safety.
  • They will want my happiness.
  • They will care about my future.
  • They will listen to my dreams.
  • They will care about my health.
  • They will care about my family.[/unordered_list]

I will give this person my everything.

Wouldn?t you?

So let?s be that person to others! ?Let?s be bold enough to have compassion in leadership.

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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Reading:? This week I am reading the book A Good Night’s Sleep by Lawrence Epstein, M.D.


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