Who Are You? The Answer Will Give You Peace or Pain

How would you answer the question: ?Who are you??

?and why does it matter?

who are you

Are you a doctor, a police officer, an executive? Are you a nurse, a lawyer, an engineer? A writer, a chef, a pilot? How about a leader, a president, or a king?

Are you a mom? A dad? A child?of a famous person? Are you a citizen of Australia, the USA, or Germany? Are you a restaurateur, a TV personality, a professional sports player?

Go ahead, answer the question: Who are you?

Why is it important to know how we answer this question? Because who you think you are is what you draw confidence from. It’s what gives you purpose and identity. It’s what makes you feel worthy. Twitter_logo_blue?Since it gives you a sense of value, you will try to protect it, do everything you can to increase in it, and give it more weight?than other important areas of your life.

When people ask me to tell them about myself, I am quick to rattle off what I am most proud of about myself. I am a doctor, a business owner, a speaker, and?a writer. These labels naturally give me a sense of worth, but I can easily become a slave to them.

So what then should we identify as our real identity? How should we ultimately define ourselves? How should we answer, “Who are you?” I believe?it should be, ?I am a child of God.?

When I rest in this identity, I find true peace and a solid foundation. Twitter_logo_blue?My identity as a?child of God is eternal. It?s who I am more than anything else. Everything else is something I do. But who I am gives me a sacred identity.

Your Friend,
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