When In Doubt, Lead Like Mom

[pullquote4 align=”center” variation=”silver” cite=”Wes Saade, M.D.”] This post is written by guest blogger, Danya Peden.? Danya is an Aspire Founding Partner and has years of successful leadership experience.? I know you will enjoy her leadership insights from home.[/pullquote4]


Isn?t this the case for most all parents?? We are scared we will mess everything up because we will inevitably scar the minds of our children forever ? or so we think.

Parenting itself is hard.? Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had, and even more so as a single mom. ?I find I begin doubting myself as a mother. ?Parenting brings so many responsibilities – raising another human being to become something great, something amazing.?? Then there are the dark questions you begin to ask yourself, ?What am I doing?? Am I doing this right?? ?The doubt takes over, and you worry you are screwing everything up.? It?s in those moments the reassurance comes from the ones that love you most?your children.

Doubts honestly cross my mind daily, but what I am learning is exactly what this quote says.? I have great kids, and I have done everything in my power to make sure they are great.? And really that is what matters most – that they are respectable, well-mannered, honest, sound, bright children. ?When I look at them, I see all of those things.? So, why do I continue doubting myself as a mother?? I think it?s because we simply need to doubt what we are doing.? We need to keep pushing and fighting for our kids.? We are their only advocate.? As a mother, you are your child?s first leader in their life – a little doubt is good.? It?s okay to want them to be great, to be amazing.

This year on Mother?s Day, I was in that familiar place of doubt.? But my 10 year old daughter gave me a card that provided me one of those reassuring moments, that I am doing things right.? I would like to share with you what she wrote in my card.


So even when you are doubting your parenting, remember your kids will reassure you when you need it most.? I really encourage you if you are a mom, especially a single mom, to persevere – because this isn?t easy.? You can?t know for sure if your child will turn out to be great and do great things.? But I can assure you if you guide them and plant the seed of learning, growth, and knowing what is right and what is wrong, they will make good decisions.? They will make you proud.

?One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children
is to live their lives with the ability to face fear and go beyond,
to persevere and accomplish goals.?
~ Andrea Patten


Danya Peden
Aspire Managing Partner



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