What are Your Five Strengths?

If you have not taken a StrengthsFinder test, I recommend it. Upon completion of the test, you will receive your top five scores with an explanation for each strength. Here are mine:
1. Strategic
2. Learner
3. Input
4. Individualization
5. Achiever

When you know your strengths, you can start directing your life to align with your strengths. That is when you will see results multiply.

Yes, you guessed it—just like I mentioned in the past two posts about the self-discoveries you made, after you know your five strengths, place them in your Growth Plan document. Review them. Discover nuances about them. Tell others what your strengths are, in the right settings of course.

By the way, don’t let this test become the end of your journey of discovery about your strengths. Make this a lifelong pursuit. Always chisel away at yourself and improve. As you get better, your world will get better.

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