Two Powerful Thoughts on Dreaming as a Leader

God is a god of big things. Submit yourself to His will. Seek Him for the big dreams He has for you, and remember the following.

The first thought about dreaming: When I find myself against big life pressures, I stop dreaming. I forget how. I forget my prior beautiful dreams. Do you ever find yourself there?

You might be in a difficult relationship at home or work. You might have a difficult life situation, financially or with your health. You may have even had many failures recently. Perhaps, it’s been a long time since it felt like anyone believed in you.

Find that place again to dream. Will yourself to dream. What do you aspire to? I love this quote from the Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran: “To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but what he aspires to.”

The second thought is: dream even if you don’t know ‘the how.’ Meaning, even if you don’t know how you will achieve your dream, you must continue to dream.

This idea challenges many people. How can I dream or plan to do something, if I don’t know how to get there? A four-year-old looks at his mom and says, “I want to be an astronaut.” While adorable, many of us look at this child and think, yes you can be anything you want, but you don’t have any idea what that is yet. It will take time to get there.

Dreams require daring, courage, sacrifice, hard work, insight, ardent prayer, patience, and resilience. One does not have to know the steps to get there from the beginning. This child who wants to be an astronaut has a great shot at it if she develops these foundational character traits. The steps to get to NASA can come later.

Similarly as adults, the steps do not have to be clear. If you insist that you must see all the steps laid out in order to make your dreams legitimate, you will lose out on all the big visions and settle for only what you can see.

What is your dream for your family? For your career? For your faith? For your health?

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