Above All, Try Something Four Small, Yet Powerful Words

I don’t always know what to do as a leader. Sometimes my big plans don’t come to fruition. Sometimes progress collides with the proverbial brick wall. What?s a leader to do when that happens?

The answer is found in one of President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous speeches:

Above all, try something. - Franklin D. Roosevelt


try something

I first discovered these words at Hyde Park, New York,?during a trip to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. Initially, I did not know what they meant. Try something??It seemed like an extremely simple statement coming from such a wise and accomplished man.

As I thought about it, I came to understand?the immense power these four words contain. What this statement means to me is when you don’t know what to do, don’t freeze, retreat, or?be dismayed. Instead, try something. We must have the courage to make a decision even when we are not sure it will produce?a perfect result. ?We must try something.

Try is?a word of risk and unknowns. More importantly, it is a word of hope. When we try something new, we knock on the door of untapped treasures and potential. In try?something?I find quiet resolve and defiance in the face of defeat or uncertainty.

Try something?means to me to try something new. Try something I?have not tried before. Make a bold decision that will surprise myself?and others. Some of the best decisions of my life were made when most people around me said or thought, “He’s crazy.” The best decisions of my life were made because I dared to try something.?

If you are facing a difficult situation today that leaves you bewildered, I want to encourage you to move. Do not wait, paralyzed and obsessing over?a?perfectly crafted solution. On the other hand, find a?solution you can see and simply try it.

Do something, try something. ?Don’t idly wait for automatic resolutions to appear. Most of the time, they will not.

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