Transform Your Leadership with Love

I have three simple expectations of the leaders who work with me: (1) their people love them, (2) they take responsibility for the culture, and (3) they show me they are growing.

So how do I measure how a leader is doing in these areas? I begin by listening to?what their people say about them spontaneously and when asked. Allow?me to share a recent event that happened on my team.

transform your leadership

A Text from a Team Member

I received a text one evening from a?key staff member about one of our new managers. It read, “I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for my job and give a big shout out to Julie (not her real name). She really is a jewel, and I am so thankful we have her. She has grown so much and daily proves what a wonderful asset she is to all of us.”

A few days later, I thanked?the team member for the?text. I told?her I’d like to share it here on the blog as an example of how we can love our managers.?She had tears in her eyes and gave Julie a big hug.

Our Leadership Success Is Measured By Love

When we asked Julie to take the helm as manager, the first responsibility I gave her was to develop strong relationships with the members of her team. I told her the way I would measure her leadership success is to ask the people who work with her how they feel about her. Even if they don’t use the word love, I want to hear that they love her.

Just yesterday I was talking to another person we are considering promoting to a team leader role. I told her the same thing. I said, “I don’t want people to say they like you, respect you, or fear you. I will not be impressed by how much you know or how much you do. I want people to love you.”

Many people believe we must keep our organizations strictly professional, focus solely on our work, and avoid building personal relationships. But here is what I’ve discovered:?When people love their leader, amazing things always happen.

When people love you, they will respect you. They will be honest with you. They will be productive, effective, and happy. Because they know someone in the background is rooting for them, protecting them, and truly caring for them as a person?not just an employee.

It may be a non-traditional approach to organizational leadership. But that’s the right way to treat people. Love them and in return you will get the greatest?gift of all. They will love you.

Your Friend,
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