Don’t Give Up If Your Life Has No Fruit Respect the Law of Timing

Recently I traveled with my wife to Napa Valley. In December, the once beautiful vines had no leaves. If you were?to judge the vineyards?by their non-fruiting state, then you would probably give up. But the farmers persevere, tending carefully to?each vine. They know fruit is coming. It must. It will.

Today, I want to encourage you that if you are not seeing fruit in your life, if things are not going your way, if your company or your family is not where you would like them to be, don’t give up. Respect the law of timing. Fruit will come, but only if you tend to the vineyard of your life during?this barren season.


As we drove through Napa Valley, I marveled how even with all of our modern science and technology, fruit only comes in its season. ?You cannot force it. The only thing you can do?and you must? is prepare and protect the vines from disease or bad weather. Just like in life, so many times we want to see success in different areas?quickly or immediately, but that’s simply not possible. We too, must wait. It is not the season for fruit now. It?is the season for preparation. And so, just as the vines cannot be neglected while they are barren, if we are hopeful to produce fruit, we must nurture and protect and grow ourselves in anticipation.

Let me share with you what we must do during the season of no fruit, if we?are to expect fruit in its season.

  1. Plant the vine in the right climate.?With whom do you surround yourself?
  2. Plant the vine in the right soil.?The type of soil determines the taste of the grapes. Where is your foundation?
  3. Water the vine.?Are you caring for yourself? Body. Mind. And Spirit.
  4. Spray the vine to protect it from disease.?Are you watchful for negative people or bad habits to creep in?
  5. Let the vine?s roots grow deep.?If the vine is in shallow soil, its roots cannot grow?deep.?Don’t be satisfied with your current depth of growth. Position yourself to keep getting deeper, keep getting better.?Twitter_logo_blue
  6. Be patient. In the right time, fruit will appear!

If you feel you have no fruit in your life, don?t give up. Understand that what you do in this season will ensure fruit in the next season. Don’t relax. Don’t lose focus. Make yourself like a vineyard keeper. Do what it takes to tend the vine.

Your Friend,
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