The Most Valuable Employee (5 Levels of Responsibility)

Some need constant reminding to get things done. ?They drain you, and you dread them!

Others get things done even before you ask!? They empower you, and you trust them.

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Where do you and your people rank on the following responsibility scale?? And what are you doing about it?

Level 1: Need Pushing and Cajoling
We all know this group.? They frustrate and demoralize us!

They don?t get things done unless you push, urge or cajole them.? They may have poor time management skills or have completely lost motivation for one reason or another.

Level 2: Need Constant Reminders
This group is a little better, but not by much.

They may not need to be pushed to get things done, however they need constant reminding and gentle nudging.

Level 3: Need One Reminder
These people need one or two reminders; then they get their tasks done well.

Level 4: Need No Reminder
Now, this is the group that you want to hold on to.

They always get the job done. ?You discuss with them what is needed, and it just gets done! ?Every time.

Level 5: They Get Things Done Without Being Told
This fifth level is a group of individuals who will get things done without you having to tell them.

How will they know what needs to get done?? By listening, learning, and feeling the mission, vision and values of the team.? These are the people we should aim to have on our teams.? They care, they drive and they lead!

If you want to have a successful team, performers at the first two levels need to be removed. You should work to improve the third level performers. ?The last two levels are the ones you most want to have on your team.? Don?t settle for less!

Great leaders perform with the highest degree of responsibility and expect their people to do the same.

At what level are you and your people performing?

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Reading: This week I am reading the book The Treasure Principle, by Randy Alcorn.


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