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People Know What’s Inside

If your raw thoughts and feelings literally scrolled across?a screen on?your forehead, what would it read? Would it say, “I am so annoyed at you?right now!” Or, “What an idiot…” Or, “I can’t believe I ended up with this person.” As a leader, if your thoughts and feelings were displayed?on your forehead for all the […]
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Do It Anyway

As I look over my life, I?ve got to admit, sometimes I get scared. I hesitate. I lose focus. I run out of momentum and the desire to keep pushing forward.?Have you ever felt that way??Many times as leaders we give up. And sometimes, we don’t even realize we have. If you lack courage, it’s […]
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Stop Whining, Start Fighting

Life is a fight. At?times I find myself grumbling or whining. Not usually to anyone else, but to myself. I rarely even realize I am doing it. It is a subconscious hum…?Why am I doing this?? ?Why is this not working?? ?I am so tired and run down.? ?I wish I was just lying on […]
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Be In Charge Of Your Thoughts

Are you in charge of your thoughts, or are they always automatic, reflexive and spontaneous? ?I discovered if I want to control my thoughts, feelings, actions and life, I cannot let my brain always dictate what I think about. Do you ever find yourself obsessing about a thought, an idea or a problem?? Do you […]
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