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Be a Leader of Ideas and Action

When the world-renowned Singaporean leader, Lee Kuan Yew, died this year, one of his greatest fans and exemplary journalist, Fareed Zakaria, said this of the beloved statesman: ?Men of great ideas are rarely also men of great action.? He added that Mr. Yew had both qualities, and in the opinion of Mr. Zakaria, this combination […]
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Are You a Thought Leader?

Some time ago, I heard Dan Cathy,?the CEO of Chick-fil-A, make a statement that had a deep impact on me. He said, ?We need to be thought leaders to be market leaders.? ?I couldn?t agree more. Think about this. If you lead a company, a team, or a church for instance, what’s the advantage of […]
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How to Capture Life-Changing Principles

A lot of people read with a pen or highlighter in hand. We eagerly mark what touches us. We finish the book and have a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, we typically recall a negligible?fraction of what we read or mark. We forget the rest, even those ideas or thoughts that gave us an ah-ha moment. […]
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