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Values of a Great Team: SERVE

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing team members serve one another?everyone doing their utmost for the rest. But sometimes it is difficult to understand and explain what it really means to serve. Allow?me to share some thoughts about the meaning and practice of serving others. The concept of service as it relates?to great leadership […]
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Values of a Great Team: GROWTH

If you follow my blog, you know that the?topic of personal growth is near and dear to my heart. Why am I so passionate about growth? Because the realization that personal growth is not automatic revolutionized my life. When it comes to leadership, intentional growth in both individuals and teams produces the same result: a […]
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Leadership Lesson from a Sandcastle

I never knew you could take lessons to build sandcastles. But that?s exactly what I participated in on a recent family trip to South Padre Island. As I listened to the amiable Australian instructor relay sandcastle building techniques, one of them stood out. You build a castle from the top down. Always. My seven nieces […]
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Leadership Lessons From RAGBRAI – Part II

I gleaned so many leadership lessons from my experience at RAGBRAI in Iowa last month. ?If you missed Part I, you can click the link to read it here. ?In this post, I will share two more observations from my bicycling adventure! Traverse leadership in teams. We are amateur cyclists. ?In fact all four of […]
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Bad Attitude, You’re Fired! (Part II)

Why do so many teams have people with bad attitudes? Because leaders allow it! They tolerate it in the name of “patience” or “being understanding.” They think that it is a normal part of a team. Big mistake! As a leader, I want you to know the following:[unordered_list style=’number’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’] A bad attitude […]
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See People, Not Employees

How are you relating to your employees? ?Do you see those you lead as workers and employees, or as people?? People with pains, worries and fears.? People with strengths, hopes and dreams.? People who hurt, love and cry.? People who laugh, care and die! Have you ever worked for someone who is only interested in […]
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