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Religious Intolerance in Advanced Societies

Merry Christmas! Today Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ. Yet here in America, where we cherish our religious freedom to do so, I sense a slow shift toward religious intolerance. Currently in media, public debates, and intellectual discussions, the mention of God, the devil, an after life, or the origin of […]
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Enough Is Enough: We Must Create Margins

[blockquote text=’This is a guest post by Andria Bicknell. Andria is a contributing writer and editor for Aspire. She writes about recovering from the effects of perfectionism on her own blog,?Type A Plans B. Andria draws her leadership experience from ministry, business and home. – Wes Saade, M.D.’ text_color=’#ffffff’ width=’95’ line_height=’undefined’ background_color=’#aaaaaa’ border_color=’#dba400′ show_quote_icon=’no’ quote_icon_color=’#dba400′] […]
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Beyond Forgiveness

The need for forgiveness presupposes that someone hurt or offended you ? and they need your forgiveness and grace. But what if we never got hurt or offended in the first place?? Then forgiveness would not even be needed.? We could then move past the all-consuming cycle of ?hurt and forgive? to the stage of […]
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Lesson from a Dying Patient

Recently on a Friday at 7:50pm, just 10 minutes before we close, a severely thin 37-year-old woman in a wheelchair entered the clinic. She was being brought in by her 12-year-old daughter. I reviewed the chart before I entered the room. It read, ?Chief Complaint: needs oxygen.? Having never seen her before, I thought she […]
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