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How To Have A Happy New Year!

[blockquote text=’Rev. Peter Rahme is the author of the book The Man and The Story Behind Amazing Grace. ? He is also the founder and senior pastor at ?Inner West Baptist Church?in Sydney, Australia. ? His Facebook inspirational posts are followed by thousands around the world. ?He is a founding partner at Aspire and has […]
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Create Your Growth Plan?Part 2: Book Reading

So you have decided to create a growth plan. ?Where do you start? A book reading plan! Being exposed to new principles and ideas from books is indispensable if you want to be intentional about your personal development. Authors often spend years researching and documenting their best thoughts and ideas about areas they have wrestled […]
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Create Your Growth Plan?Part 1: An Overview

Do you have a growth plan for your personal development? ?Is it written, specific and measurable? Your success as a professional, spouse, parent, leader, politician, pastor, team member – or whatever your role in life may be – does not primarily depend on your technical knowledge and skills or what you learned from school. My […]
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