The Seven F?s Create Priorities for a Successful Life

Recently I spoke at a conference?about how to have success in our careers. In my introduction?I also shared other areas in which we must succeed:?Faith, Family, Joy, and Health. If we succeed in our careers, but fail in these areas, I believe we don’t achieve?life success.?

A few weeks later, a friend gave me a book called Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World?by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. The authors share seven key priorities for successful living they refer to as?the Seven F?s of Life, which include?the five areas I shared at the conference.?As you pursue success in your leadership and career, I want to remind you of these seven areas.

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Oola: The Seven F?s

The authors listed seven areas of a successful life in this order:

  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Family
  • Field
  • Faith
  • Friends
  • Fun

They added Finance and Friends to my original list of five. And I like?that.?Personally though, I would change the order of priority for these areas. I think we should aim to have success in all seven areas, but if forced to rank them by priority, how would you stack them?

Creating Your Seven Priorities

I invite you to do that today. Below is my order according to priority and my understanding of each one.

  • Faith ? As a Christian, faith informs all of my decisions and colors my life values. It answers all my difficult questions and guides my course.
  • Family ? We must be intentional to uplift and protect our families.
  • Fitness ?We must give our physical health priority if we are to maximize our effectiveness in the other areas.
  • Finance ? We must be good stewards of what we are given and what we earn. The more successful we are financially, the more we can fund our dreams and the dreams and lives of others.
  • Field ? Our vocation. We must carefully determine our field of study and of work in order to utilize our gifts and callings.
  • Fun ? Are we content? Do we play? Regardless of the success one attains in the other areas, if we do not experience authentic joy, peace, and contentment in our hearts, we fail to really live to our full potential.?Twitter_logo_blue
  • Friends ? Do we cultivate and value meaningful relationships? We must be selective about the relationships we get into. And we must intentionally build the core?relationships in our lives.

So I invite you now to order these seven priorities of success in your life. Remember your aim should be to succeed in them all. Ordering them only serves to place?value on?the ones you give?priority should you be forced to choose. Would you add or subtract any? Think about what is most important to you. Determine which areas may need more of your attention. And give thought to how you can authentically live a life that reflects your seven priorities.

Your Friend,
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  • Misty Gilbert
    Posted at 14:35h, 16 August Reply

    I am glad you enjoyed the book and that you felt inclined to share a review with your readers!

    I believe balance is something we are always working on because life brings different things into our circle that cause us to have to focus on something more at one moment then another. I also believe whether you have family, are married or have kids impacts the order of your 7 F’s,

    I would rate mine as follows:
    Faith – without God, I can’t do anything and am not successful
    Fitness – without a body that has strength, I can’t be anything I need to be
    Finance – without finances in a healthy perspective, I can’t live
    Field – without a career, I am unable to live life
    Friends – without friends, I am lonely and have nobody helping to keep me accountable
    Fun – without fun, I become out of balance and all about work
    Family – I don’t have family, so this is my 7th slot

    I love learning from people like you and the #OolaGuys, both of which are amazing and have an incredible message. I am going to their conference in September 2016 and wish you could come with me as I know your love for personal growth development matches mine!

    Thanks for your part in my life friend as you have encouraged me to create balance and seek to #LiveOola

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