Three Areas that Determine a Leader’s Success Don't Allow Your Vision to Get Lost In the Weeds

There are three areas that determine a leader’s success. If you want to take your organization to the next level, divide what you do for your organization into three categories and commit to success in all three.

  1. Run the Organization: take care of its current state.
  2. Create Vision, Strategy, and Goals: define the future state and the steps to get there.
  3. Execute the Goals: execute the steps you defined in category 2.

Let me explain.

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Most of our frustrations as leaders occur when our visions and strategies are hidden amid our daily demands. At that point, we are unable to take our organization to the next level. With all the responsibilities and worries on my plate at any one time, the way I make sure we are getting bigger and better is to follow this strategy. Otherwise our vision gets lost in the weeds.

Run the Organization

Success awaits the leader who runs his organization well, diligently caring for the day-to-day processes. Ensuring that the daily operations are executed well is what we spend most of our work hours doing.? What does it look like to run the organization well?

  1. Do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.
  2. Build leaders and teams.
  3. Allow your strong leaders and teams to run the operation.

Create Vision, Strategy, and Goals

We will not grow the organization to a bigger or better state unless we go beyond running the organization. We cannot move to the second stage?Create Vision, Strategy, and Goals?unless we build leaders and teams and allow them to run the operation. This requires trust, and it will certainly present you with challenges. However, once you get to category two, it is important to remember that strategizing includes:

  1. Thinking on where we must go, why, and how.
  2. Identifying the steps, both the big directions and the minute details.
  3. Setting goals. (I recently published an article about setting quarterly goals. It will give you a good place to start.)

Execute the Goals

This is a step that many miss. We must complete the steps we have defined as important in order to see success. I am not talking about goals to run the organization, like “order supplies” or “call unhappy customers.” I am talking about what we defined in step two?big and small, bold and audacious steps that take us higher and deeper.

For years, I thought about what we should do for our organization. I had the path clear in my mind that would take us further. But I did not have an ability to execute my plans. This deficit ended when I started learning how to be intentional to measure whether we were actually accomplishing what we set out to do.

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