Keep Your Attention on Your Intention

There was a bird that dreamed of flying from Alaska to sunny California. He set out on his course and began to soar, but along the way he saw fascinating things that captured his attention. He saw a warm lake and stopped. Further along he saw a large flock of birds and stopped again. At another point his attention was drawn to a commotion of a lot of animals, and he naturally became very curious. So he stopped once more. Suddenly, he was caught up in a net and placed in a beautiful zoo. Although he was comfortable, well-cared for and content with the community of the other birds, his dream was never realized. ?And he was crushed.

stay focused

Many years later a free bird talked to him through the cage and asked, ?What is the best advice you can give me?? The old bird answered,

Keep your attention on your intention.
Don?t just stroll to your goal.
Fly high and straight when you know,
When you are sure where to go.
Don?t stop at any fields
Regardless what it yields.
If you know your direction,
Friend just keep your attention
Ahead right to your intention.

Stay Focused

When you take golf lessons you are told ?forget about the ball and get more focused on the target.? It feels counter-intuitive. It seems ?we should be focused on the ball since that is the most important element ? the ball going into the hole. It is not. You will be shortsighted.

As leaders, we have to remember to keep our gaze forward. Don?t get distracted by things that look good, by fields of green. Don?t get focused on all the details, on the inner-workings of our swing.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the now, we lose sight of the our intended destination – our vision.? It may become so fuzzy, we don?t even recognize it.

A Challenge to You

So my challenge for you today is to sharpen your vision and review your passion daily. Renew your commitment to stay focused on your destination.

What is it for you?
What is it for your team?
And are you focused on it?

When you see a bird flying in the sky, let it remind you to always keep your focus on where you intend to go.

Let it remind you to keep your attention on your intention. Twitter_logo_blue

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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