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"Dr. Wes Saade is an engaging communicator. He speaks from his heart and does it with humility. He's committed to personal growth & passionate about leading by example. This is reflected in the thorough way he prepares for his talks, and how well he connects with his audience. I've had the privilege of speaking at conferences with him on a number of occasions now, and I always enjoy and learn from his presentations. I also appreciate how focused and intentional he is about equipping, empowering and encouraging people of all walks of life and of all ages. I highly recommend him to you."


Dr. Wes Saade is an accomplished speaker and writer on leadership and personal development. He believes in the power of connecting with people on a personal level in order to encourage them to pursue their own dreams as well as inspire them to work collectively to accomplish large visions as a team.

Wes is a Certified Trainer with world-renowned leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell. He is also a board certified family physician with clinics in the Fort Worth, Texas area.


In his core message to leaders, Dr. Saade reveals that the secret to positively influencing the people in your world is to lead from the inside out. Making personal growth a priority, when leaders live what they learn, they increase their capacity to lead others.


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Audiences find Wes to be passionate and engaging. He has a gift for breaking broad leadership principles down into very practical steps and methods of application. You can expect him to provide useful resources when he speaks including visual aids and handouts that specifically outline how to apply step-by-step what you?ve learned. Leaders leave his conferences confident that they can immediately employ simple leadership techniques both personally and with their teams for notable results.


Head and Heart: Discover Your Leadership Style and Avert Disaster
An extension of the personality study, understanding Head and Heart Leadership is key to maximizing your strengths and developing your weaknesses as a leader. Ignoring, procrastinating or delegating aspects of your leadership that you find difficult or uncomfortable will ultimately lead to failure. Instead, learn how to identify your personal bent toward Head or Heart Leadership and how to develop yourself as a mature leader who can operate in both areas fluently.
Foundation: Leadership Principles Every Leader Must Employ
Without proper training, leaders and managers can slip through the cracks. Establish a firm foundation from which to develop your leadership skills. This course is ideal for new leaders and managers. It is also effective in unifying seasoned leadership staff company-wide?on foundational leadership principles. Wes addresses topics such as relating to people, time management, personal growth, and dealing with failure.
Inside Out: Personal Growth for Leaders
Before we can lead others effectively, we must become an expert at leading ourselves.? Learn how to create a personal growth plan for your life and your leadership. Go beyond merely reading and learning to real life application. And learn how to take what you?ve applied in your own life to those you lead.

Temperaments: Leading the Four Personality Types
Understanding the intricate strengths and weaknesses of your personality will equip you to encounter every area of your life with confidence. As a leader, having the ability to quickly assess others? personality types will give you an inside advantage in the way you work with people, assemble teams, and delegate specific tasks. Training yourself and your people on the four temperaments will revolutionize?your personal leadership and your effectiveness with those you lead.
Purpose: Make Your Work Make a Difference
Make your work make a difference in the lives of others by discovering and developing your purpose.?Take methodical steps toward uncovering your unique purpose for your life, your organization, your team and your family. Communicate your purpose to your team in a way that inspires people to come along with you, give their personal best, foster relationships among the team, and dedicate themselves to a cause they can believe in. Together, you can lead a life (and a team) which makes a positive impact in the lives of others with your purpose.
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