Do You Speak Life to Your Boss? Our Superiors Need Our Support Too

What do you think of your boss? Do you care about how she feels? Is it important to you how he is doing? Great leaders care about those they lead. They want to know people?s hearts so they can build them, empower them, and help them. Do we offer the same support to our bosses?

Should we not care for them too?

speak life

I work with amazing people who truly care for me. They frequently share their hearts with me, and I share my heart with them. However, I have noticed that in general it is rare that people truly empathize with their boss. Instead, the boss is usually the target of their scorn.

Typically we blame the boss. We focus on his shortcomings. We loathe her bad attitude. We feel disdain for their ineffectiveness. While these negative feelings may even be validated, I think great leaders must support the person they report to, not just the people who report to them.

I remember a doctor I reported to during my residency training. Looking back, I don?t know that I ever asked the man how he was doing and was truly interested in hearing his response. Rather, I was consistent to cast him down in my mind because he never seemed committed to build relationships. He was a corrector, not a connector.

If I could go back now, I would do something special for him. Maybe invite him to lunch, an act to show him that I care about him as a human being. Maybe give him a handwritten note to thank him for the good things he did. I did nothing like this when he was my boss.

Unless you already demonstrate support for your boss, I want to challenge all of us as leaders to think of the person you report to today. For a moment, forget their shortcomings. Can you prompt yourself to care about them as a person? Remember they are just like you. They have struggles, fears, hopes, and dreams. You have the power to bless their life, probably more than any other person in the world, in many cases.

For the people I work with who read this, I want to thank you for showering me with your love and trust. I am humbled and honored that you choose to work with me.

Your Friend,
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