How To Sow Into The Lives Of Others

It’s fun to sow into the lives of others. But what does it take for the seeds to take root and thrive?

sowing into others

A few weeks ago I met a successful real estate owner with Keller Williams, an emerging real estate company that is quickly becoming a force in that market. I told him how much I appreciated how they invest into their people. He told me that they viewed Keller Williams as a people development company disguised as a real estate agency.

His answer reminded me of how important it is to develop people as leaders. It is not only important; it is right the right thing to do. And as a bonus, it also feels good.?To be able to sow successfully, there are three steps that need to happen first.

1 – You must have seeds in your hands.

What do you have to give? What can you impart??Sowing into others starts by becoming mature enough to have fruit and seasoned enough to have seeds ready to give. Twitter_logo_blue

How can I share about love if I am not loving? How can I talk about mastering emotions if I cannot manage mine? How can I help others to be better leaders, if I don?t understand and practice good leadership?

2 – You must have someone ready to receive.

We all have moments in life when we become more teachable. When people come into our lives who are at that point, and if they feel comfortable to let us sow into their life, we should jump on that chance any time we can. I consider it an honor when someone opens up their heart and lets me speak into their life.

3 – You must have a willing heart.

And when you have a seed to give and a person to give it to, the question becomes, “Do you care enough to give it?” And are you giving it so you can feel important, get a benefit, or get something in return? Or are you giving it simply because you want to help the other person, and you want to see them grow? Just because.

I never want to be a “Mr. Answer Man.” We have to be careful not to become a know-it-all, a purveyor of truth. I hope I am never that man. I hope I am a student 99% of the time. I hope I am always the one taking notes. I hope I am the one listening so I can glean and learn.

But occasionally when the time is right, when the fruit is ready, and when the seed is in my hand?when the other person finds himself in a teachable moment?I love to extend a seed to sow.

It is fun to know that maybe one day a sprout, then a strong tree, will come into existence in some small way because of what you had in your hand to impart.

Question: What is in your hand to sow?
Please share your answer in the comments section below.

My God use you and me to sow good seeds into the lives of others.

Your Friend,
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