Smile Through It Making the Best of Difficult Times

A few months ago, a patient shared with?me how he lost everything in a matter of months. In his early fifties, he had just filed for bankruptcy, lost his job, and gone?through a divorce. He was not in a good place. Yet throughout his visit with me, and to my complete astonishment, he had a calmness to his spirit and a smile on his face.

As I left the examination room, his story and peaceful disposition challenged me:?Could I smile through it?

smile through it

There is a saying I like: Don?t just go through it; grow through it. Twitter_logo_blue?Today, I want to propose another statement for us:?Don’t just go through it; smile through it.?

As I reflect on my life, I have had challenges?many of which, I did not smile through. On the contrary, I was barely getting through them at all. We can choose?to smile through life, regardless of what comes.

There are ways we all typically try to keep our smile. We do our best to avoid?tribulations. We buy insurances of many kinds to guarantee emergencies don’t hurt us. We work hard to accumulate as much money as we can so we can prevent lack. We exercise, and we go to the dentist and the doctor, to guard against illness. But illness and death will befall us all. Even the most vigilant is not immune. So how do we adequately prepare to travel through the valleys of darkness in life? How do we make such journeys?with peace in our hearts and a smile on our faces?

The people I know who have coped well with life’s curtails have faith in God. It gives them peace that ultimately we are His and whatever happens on earth is transient and quickly passing. In the course of our story, some chapters are full of tears and sorrow. We experience loss, failure, disappointment, abandonment, or abuse. But we know there is a God and that life here, regardless what we accomplish or how we fail, will not be measured by what we do, but how we relate to the Almighty God.

My fellow leader, when too many things on our plates are weighing us down, I pray you and I will remember to: smile through it.

Your Friend,
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  • Cathleen Richardson
    Posted at 10:08h, 30 May Reply

    Perfect encouragement that I needed today. Smile!

    • Wes Saade
      Posted at 10:11h, 30 May Reply

      Thank you Cathleen! 🙂 Blessings to you…

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