The Secret to Reading One Book a Month It's Easier Than You May Think

As 2017 nears, I want to share some ideas with you about creating a?development plan for the new year. In this article, I will share the secret to reading one book a month.

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Some?people read a book a week or even a book a day. If you are a leader and wanting to grow, I encourage you to read more than one?book a month. If you are not reading at least one book a month, I think you are doing a disservice to yourself and your team. When I talk to leaders about self development, I often encounter those?who simply do not read or maybe read one or two books per year. Usually my first goal is to encourage?them to read one book per month because I think it is easily attainable, and my hope is that this reading will add so much value to them that they will want to read more.

A few weeks ago I was speaking to my team and?told them that if they read five or six pages a day?every day?they will finish a book a month. That?s because most books are about 150 to 180 pages (6 times 30 equals 180).? I did not know who really took my suggestion to heart until a member of our team mentioned a few days ago, ?Dr. W, I have some good news to share with you. I have been reading my five pages a day as you recommended. I?ve been reading it on my thinking chair.?

I was very happy and impressed to hear that, and wondered for a few seconds what that chair may look like. I have often read about people who do intentional thinking that like to designate a chair specifically for?their thinking time. As I was imagining how this chair may look, he continued, ?…yeah, my thinking chair, the toilet.?

Surprised and a little shocked, I laughed. But then I thought to myself, Well, if that?s the only way to get your six pages a day read, so be it!

What is the secret?

So what is the secret to reading one book per month? Read daily. Don?t skip a day. Read six pages. If one day you want to read more, that?s okay, but every day read at least six pages. Now you may ask, ?Well, what if a book has 300 pages?? Then you can read it in two months, or read 10 pages a day. You decide, just be consistent.

Of course, I recommend books you can learn from. As a matter of fact, I recommend that you extract nuggets that you can think on or apply to your life from each book you read .

How do I select a book?

Do you have a list of books to begin on January 1st? What topics should you read? Ideally, select books in the areas in which you?d like to grow. Ask yourself a simple question: What areas of my life would I like to improve? If you are a parent and a spouse, these are two areas in which I hope you would like to grow. Pick another three areas. Here are some ideas: leadership, teamwork, relationships, and emotions. Always be on the hunt for fresh reading material, and keep a list of books you would like to read. Ask others what they are reading and add to your list. If you are watching an interview on TV and someone recommends a book, stop and write it down.

Why should I read?

Finally, and maybe most importantly, there is the question of why read in the first place. I read because I want to improve myself. I want to improve myself because I want to make a greater?impact on others.? Typically, I don?t read for entertainment. Although, I enjoy the act of reading. It is a journey of discovery. Twitter_logo_blue?I was reading a book tonight called It?s Not About the Coffee?by Howard Behar, a Starbucks executive. I read this statement, ?We are in the people business serving coffee, not the coffee business serving people.? I have read that before, or heard it. But tonight as I read it, I stopped. I asked myself the same question about the organization I lead. If you give thought to this statement it can be life changing for your organization. I will lift this statement, and reread it and share it with others for the next few weeks. I pray?it will make a positive difference in my life and leadership.

Reading in 2017

I hope your reading habits are sanitary. But regardless, I hope you are reading. Make 2017 the best year yet by making reading an agent of change and growth. It?s more than a disciplined exercise of using your yellow highlighter and pen, being inspired in the moment, then closing the cover. Reading becomes a catalyst for change and growth when we diligently apply what we are learning.?Twitter_logo_blue

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