Reward Results Don?t Pass Out Trophies to Everyone

Sometimes leaders confuse great effort with great results. We appreciate and reward effort. Yet more than effort is required. Effort that leads to results is what is we want.

Allow me to help you in this article to understand the difference.

reward results

Last year I attended a game for my nine year-old nephew?s team. They lost the game, but everyone had fun. During the awards ceremony, every kid received an award. Some for their consistent effort or hustle, others for most improved, best shooter, best passer, or most valuable player. The coach appreciated each child for their specific contribution to the team and every kid left feeling recognized and empowered.

But wait. They lost the game. Individuals did not score enough. I see this happen quite a bit in professional settings. People work hard, but they don’t get the result expected. Then, the leader treats the great effort they made as if it was a great accomplishment.

I have worked with many people who have potential. I spend time with them. I help them. They respond in a positive way. I get excited. They get excited. Numbed with this endorphin-induced feeling, I overlook the fact that what was expected was not accomplished.

We must reward results. I love appreciating people and empowering them. In that regard, I reward all kinds of efforts and contributions?and that?s good. But I cannot neglect to celebrate and reward those who meet and exceed my greatest expectation: The score. The results.

Here is a list of things we should not reward in lieu of effort. I am not saying that we should not appreciate, value, and even look for these qualities. But ultimately, we want to win the game with our people. Right? To win, we must score. The following is a list of feats leaders tend to reward, but are commonly confused with results. These are not results.

  1. Showing up
  2. Hard work
  3. Effort
  4. Growth
  5. Potential
  6. Buying into the leader
  7. Buying into the vision

I want people with me who close the deal, who make it happen, who bring home the trophy. I want to work with people who don?t just start; they finish. Who don’t just fight; they win. Who don’t just play; they score.

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