Get Ready and Be Willing

Happy New Year! As you stare down 2020, I want to offer you a simple formula to gain more opportunities: Get ready. Be willing.
Be ready by becoming the person the next steps requires of you. Learn essential skills, create effective habits, and mature in appropriate areas. ?Be willing by adopting the attitude that makes you always eager to act, serve, and sacrifice.
When you are ready and willing, untold success will come your way! Below are a few thoughts on how to get ready and be willing.

Get Ready

Soldiers get ready all the time. ?If they wait to prepare until the opportunity to engage in war strikes, they would be at a terrible loss.?It is similar in life and leadership. Your level of readiness will define your level of success. ?
Only a few are truly ready when the opportunity comes knocking. I know that because anytime there is an opportunity for an advancement in any organization I have worked at, many would like to take that position, but only a few are ready.
Most people want opportunity, seek riches, desire a raise, or wish for more?without becoming more. They want something greater without investing in themselves to become someone greater.?If you want more in life, simply become more. When you do that, you will more readily see the opportunities and be ready to succeed at them. ?Moreover, others will offer us the chance to take on bigger roles when they see us prepared.
How do you get ready? Above all, have an intention and focus to grow and improve. Invest time in personal growth: learn, read, jump into experiences, reflect, and acquire mentors.

Be Willing

Readiness is very important, but it’s useless without a spirit of willingness. Imagine a SEAL team member who prepares all the time, who has honed all the skills for war, but who is unwilling to fight or to go into battle.
To be willing means that we are prepared to voluntarily invest our time and energy and to make personal sacrifices to accomplish the end goal. Imagine a missionary who gets ready by studying and setting his affairs in order, but when the time comes to leave the comfort of home, he is unwilling to go. What good is all his preparation?
I am always looking for leaders to work with and partner with who are ready and getting ready and who are willing to do what it takes to make it happen. ?The world is looking for such leaders.
Your Friend,
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