A Sure Way to Raise Your Team’s Morale

Is your team spirit lethargic?? As leaders we go through seasons where the morale of our team seems dangerously low. What can you do to raise your team’s morale?

raise your teams morale

While many things can and should be done, one supersedes them all: Stop and review the size of your dream.

Daniel Burham says, ?Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men?s blood.?

Johann Von Goethe puts it this way, ?Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to move the hearts of men.? Twitter_logo_blue

I have a couple of challenging questions for you:

Are your plans and dreams so bold that they wake you up in the morning full of zeal, ready to accomplish them? And will they draw people around you because they too want to see that amazing vision come to fruition?

As I look over my life, I find that I am sometimes gripped by fear and hesitation which in turn suffocates my dreams and stunts my visions – and that’s when leadership works least for me. Other times, I find myself soaring in my thoughts, unafraid and uninhibited t create inspiring visions – and that’s when leadership works best for me.

Has that been your experience?

Nothing will galvanize your team more and ?ignite a fire in your belly (and their’s) like a big dream!?And so, if we want to be intentional about our success as leaders, we should be intentional to ask ourselves these two important questions on a continual (daily or weekly) basis.
Hoping you become a consistent creator of amazing visions…
Your friend,

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