People’s Birthdays Matter

How are you at remembering birthdays? ?As silly as it may seem, I like it when people to remember mine.? I don?t think I have admitted it before, but I think it makes me feel special and valued.

If you give me a handwritten card to say how much I mean to you?wow, as long as you are genuine, you will connect with me big time.

Do you feel like me in your heart of hearts?

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I bet you do.? Now, here?s a secret?

So do your employees, teammates, your boss, or anyone else you are trying to lead or connect with in your life.

I think remembering birthdays are one of the easiest ways to connect with people, to build the relationship, and tell people that you appreciate and value them.

Here is how to go about this ? you have to create a system you can easily follow:[unordered_list style=’number’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’]

  • Stop for a few moments today and write down all the important people in your life that you wish to build a relationship with. ?I write people?s names on an excel sheet in categories (work, family, friends, acquaintances, etc.)
  • Now enter their birthdays into your calendar system.? (I enter mine into my contacts in my iPhone, which automatically populates my calendar that I look at daily.)
  • If you don?t know their birthdays and you are friends on Facebook, most people have their birthdays there. ?(or you can text them and ask)
  • Plan an easy system on what you can give them that is from the heart that will not take too much of your resources. ?Even a simple text or phone call on that day that communicates warmth and appreciation will go a long way. ?(Books are important in my life, and I think a good book makes the best gift.? I buy a box of books and sometimes give a book with a personalized note on the book to people).[/unordered_list]

HOW TO USE BIRTHDAYS TO BUILD YOUR TEAM: ?Remembering birthdays is one way to honor the people on your team. ?Here are a few ideas to celebrate birthdays in the workplace.[unordered_list style=’circle’ number_type=’circle_number’ animate=’no’ font_weight=’regular’]

  • Create a calendar placed in a common area at work and write down everyone?s birthdays so all can see. ?Now everyone can see everyone else?s birthdays.
  • As a leader, you just facilitated connection between them.? By doing that, you are communicating the type of positive culture you want to create in the team ? one that celebrates people and appreciates them.
  • On each person?s birthday, be creative and pull the team together to celebrate.
  • If your business can afford it, give them 2 hours off early that day with a $10 gift card to their favorite ice cream shop.[/unordered_list]

As leaders, we have got to value people.

We have got to value relationships.

We have got to value connection with people.

Find those few moments (the happy and sad ones), that you can make an impact on that relationship.

Celebrate their life!? Tell people you love them!? Birthdays are a great time to do so?

(Homework: (wink wink) ?My birthday is January 3rd.? Put it in your calendar and send me an email on that day?I will know that you got this lesson down.)

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

PS ? If you know someone who may benefit from this blog, please consider sharing!

Reading: This week I am reading the book Working Without a Net, by Morris R. Shechtman.


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