When Your People Don?t Do What You Want

When Your People Don?t Do What You Want

One of the most challenging areas all leaders wrestle with is what to do when our people do not do what we want. In a way, this is the heart of leadership: motivating people to do what is needed. I was recently in a meeting with our clinic’s leadership team, and one manager shared how a staff member was not doing what they were supposed to.

Here is an overview of four areas we must focus on when someone is not doing what they are supposed to. In future articles, I will focus on key aspects of each area. For now, using the outline below, reflect on how to address issues with that person who does not seem to listen.

What to do?IN ME?

  • Am I honoring them with my thoughts?
  • Do I still love them?
  • Am I being too picky?
  • Remember that no one is perfect.

What to do with MY TEAM?

  • Don?t permit useless chatter about the person/situation.
  • Ask someone who is complaining about that team member:
    • In what areas are you weak?
    • How are you leading him or her?
  • Encourage your team to apply grace.

Have I done MY JOB?

  • Have I been clear with this person?
  • Have I trained them?
  • Am I spending time with them?
  • Have I given them tools?

What to do with THE PERSON?

  • Understand them.
  • Grow them. Focus on growing a person, not just correcting them.
  • Coach them. People want a coach, not a boss.
  • Hold them accountable.

Many times as leaders we think that when someone is not doing what they are supposed to, they are getting in the way of us doing our job. We must remember that motivating people to move in a unit is your job. Leaders are in the business of people-work first, more than paperwork, and more than project-work.

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