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Do Introverts Make Good Leaders?

If you are an introvert or?work with an introverted leader, this article is for you. Earlier this year I was talking with a phenomenal leader, and I mean a leader with an impressive track record. He runs an organization that makes a positive international impact. After a heartfelt discussion about his journey, he told me, […]

A Visit Home

Today’s article is about my recent?journey to my home country. I’m writing on?a plane over the Atlantic on my way to?my home country of Lebanon. In 1990, at the age of fourteen, I left Lebanon for the United States of America. And until now, twenty-five years later, I?ve never returned. As I’ve prepared for my?visit […]

How Likable Are You?

Not much is written in leadership about a leader?s likability. Actually, I can?t recall hearing about it once in print or at conferences I’ve attended. I find that unusual when, in fact our likability as leaders is actually very important. Being a likable person does not guarantee your leadership success. But if you are not […]

When People Don?t Do What You Ask

You ask someone to begin doing something differently. You ask them nicely. You explain it clearly. And maybe?the change happens once, and that?s it. They simply refuse to continue doing what you?ve asked. They don?t refuse outright, but clearly they are trying to get out of doing what you?ve asked them. How should you respond? […]

Blocking Time to Think

When was the last time you blocked two hours just for thinking? Not to take care of the urgent, but the important. Not passive daydreaming, but active, intensive thinking about the big picture for your?organization. Time to answer important questions like what’s next,?or how do we get there,?or?why are we doing what we’re doing??It may […]

Two Powerful Principles of Leadership

There are many high points?in leadership. And the best of these moments involve people: a leader who finally moves up to the next level, a relationship that keeps getting better, or a team who simply gets it. Likewise, there are many low points?in leadership. And the worst of these moments also involve people: a person […]

What We Can Learn from Donald Trump

As I have followed the latest US presidential campaign, I have given some thought to the phenomenon of Donald Trump. Almost?no one predicted he would still maintain the lead with the other GOP candidates. Many dismiss him as bombastic, ruthless, crude, and offensive. Some call him?an intellectual lightweight. But as a student of leadership, I […]

Say It Gently, But Say It

We are all faced with difficult conversations in life. Here’s an extreme case you may remember from the news a few years ago. A young lady was caught hiring an undercover hit man to kill her husband. Her reason? She did not want to tell him in person that she wanted a divorce because she […]

One Shift That Will Revolutionize Your Leadership

In 2008, I made one dynamic shift in my thinking that catapulted my leadership to new heights. I want to share it with you today:?Don?t see the people working alongside?you as employees or team members; see them as people. Here is why?this simple yet powerful shift will revolutionize your leadership. We All Respond to Love? […]

Stop Whining, Start Fighting

Life is a fight. At?times I find myself grumbling or whining. Not usually to anyone else, but to myself. I rarely even realize I am doing it. It is a subconscious hum…?Why am I doing this?? ?Why is this not working?? ?I am so tired and run down.? ?I wish I was just lying on […]

Don’t Debate Anyone Who Is Unable to Lose

I love to debate, and I love watching debates. Yet I seldom see debates which lead to resolutions or positive outcomes. Each side just?digs in their heels and verbally assaults one another. This has become?commonplace because so many people are not?able to lose. For them?losing is?humiliating, so they just don’t allow themselves to lose. Debates […]

Feel Like Giving Up? Don?t.

If there is one thing I have learned in leadership, it is this: Don?t give up. And if there is one thing?I have learned to not give up on, it is: Yourself. The most dangerous aspect of giving up is slipping into a place of?resignation?without even realizing it.??In this article, I will share eight signs […]
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