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See People, Not Employees

How are you relating to your employees? ?Do you see those you lead as workers and employees, or as people?? People with pains, worries and fears.? People with strengths, hopes and dreams.? People who hurt, love and cry.? People who laugh, care and die! Have you ever worked for someone who is only interested in […]

Be In Charge Of Your Thoughts

Are you in charge of your thoughts, or are they always automatic, reflexive and spontaneous? ?I discovered if I want to control my thoughts, feelings, actions and life, I cannot let my brain always dictate what I think about. Do you ever find yourself obsessing about a thought, an idea or a problem?? Do you […]

How To Lead The Hard To Influence (Part One)

It may be your spouse, your child, your team member, your employee or your boss! ?As a leader, what do you do with the difficult to lead? About a year ago one of our managers came to me and asked me?a question I think every good leader asks.? She said,??How do I influence the difficult […]

What Is Your Life Purpose?

What is your calling, your mission – your life purpose? Can you write it in one sentence? You are a leader at home, at work and in the community!? If you want to be more effective in your leadership, I urge you to give this some thought, and consider writing down what your life is […]

The Most Crucial Step Of Growth

It is immersive and aggressive experiences that cause us to leap to the next step!? What experiences contribute most to developing leadership to you? They are?those?in which?you have to perform!? No ifs, ands or buts!? Experiences where you cannot rely or depend on anyone else to make the tough calls and the crucial decisions of […]

Write And Speak Like Winston Churchill

Have you ever wondered if writing and speaking are important to your leadership?? It was imperative for Sir Winston Churchill’s leadership. I recently made a trip to New York partly to visit The Morgan, an exceptional Manhattan museum built around the private library and study of the great American financier J.P Morgan. I had heard […]

6 Reasons Leaders Don’t Build Relationships With Those They Lead

Are you afraid of building relationships with those you lead? ?Let me share with you the reasons why most leaders don?t and why they should! As leaders, we need to invest in building relationships that can withstand the howling winds of misunderstanding and change, enduring a lifetime. Relationships that pierce through to the core, and […]

9/11 – Why?

I recently visited the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan.? It is incredibly beautiful and moving!? As I pondered that horrific day, I had many questions. Watch Video I sat there quietly on that hallowed ground where thousands died from the dreadful attacks and scores died trying to save them. As the sound of the reflecting pools […]

First Blog: From the Heart

Looking back over my life, from age 8 and now in my mid 30?s, many things have shaped me profoundly.? Many people have loved and supported me. ??Now it?s time to give back? Under the constant dangers of random shelling, I grew up in the 80?s in Beirut, Lebanon, and many times I thought death […]
I mentor Christian leaders and entrepreneurs.
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