The Secret to Obtaining Great Opportunities Don't Seek the Honey

What’s the secret to obtaining great opportunities??Stop looking for opportunities. Start looking for growth.

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I was recently speaking to someone I mentor. She wanted to discuss her new business, how to obtain greater?opportunities and acquire new clients. As I listened to her thoughts and questions, I knew what she needed: personal growth. Why? Because I could see the opportunities all around her, but she didn’t. I knew that the minute she started growing as a leader, a business person, and a human being, the opportunities would automatically present themselves to her because they are already around her. They are there, present, waiting to be harvested. But like many of us, she did not want to talk about personal growth. She wanted to focus on forward progress in her business.

As a leader, I have always sensed the same tendency in myself. Leaders have a burning fire inside, a deep need to expand, to reach more people. To do more things is good, right? My inclination is to pursue these outward expansions, not to stop and look inward. My natural tendency is not to do the harder, slower work of growing Wes. But that is what is needed. So I work hard to discipline myself and to rule over my calendar, even though I admit, it is a battle.

I have learned that if I only look for external growth without tending to my internal growth, I?ll never get far. Expanding and reaching more territory as a leader is good, if I am letting my internal growth fuel my external growth. We must not?aim for the honey and the money. Aim to become a better person instead. We will not obtain more, if we don?t become more.?Twitter_logo_blue

My leader friend, I want to encourage you today to be persistent at working on yourself. Read consistently. Take notes from what you read and focus on a few things to apply daily. Allow others to speak into your life. Have mentors. Take notes from them and focus on executing?their advice. Work on being consistently deeper. Seek to make your character stronger, emotions more steady, and your communication more seamless.

When you become better as a person, better opportunities will become visible to you. They are all around you. But until you grow, you won?t see them. You can?t see them. And they can?t see you. Even if you see them, they will not be attracted to you. Even if they were?attracted to you, they would?not want to remain?with you?whether?the opportunity represents?a new client, a new business, or a new career.

Just as I advised?the lady I was mentoring, I want to encourage?you. Most people want better opportunities. Very few want to?work at becoming better people. Be one of those few.

An Update on Me and WesMD

As some of you know, I married the love of my life, Joanne, on June 25th. In addition, together with my partners, we opened a new clinic and two other new businesses. For the last four?years, with the help of Andria Bicknell and Amy Rawle, I have published articles on a weekly basis and even as my blogging rate slowed down in the last few months to focus on this important season in my life, and on my relationship with Joanne, I continued working with the WesMD team to develop our site, make products available, and host a successful Leadership Retreat in October.

In addition, we have been planning a dynamic?membership site featuring new content, weekly videos, and tools for leaders to connect with their teams. We are excited to present it to you first, our WesMD audience, before we make it available to others. Please stay tuned.

Please reply to this email if there is anything I can do for you.

Your Friend,
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