A List of My Current Mentors

In the last blog post, I discussed seven principles to apply when establishing a relationship with a mentor. To bring this to a practical dimension, I want to share with you in this article who my current mentors are. I will not mention specific names to respect their privacy, but I will let you know as much information about them and our mentorship relationship as I can. Hopefully, this will help you on your journey.


My Mentors

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  • Life mentor?I meet with this person weekly via Skype on Monday nights for about thirty minutes. He is in his fifties, and I have known him for many years. He is a pastor and a business consultant. I met him through a church I had attended. Even though I highly recommend that people mentor you in a specific area, I share all aspects of my life journey with him. I am blessed to have this person in my life. He is like an older brother to me, has been an encourager and honest advisor as I have gone through life and work changes in the last few years.
  • Leadership mentor?This person is a distinguished executive, also in his fifties, who runs a well-known organization in our city. He actually came in as a patient at my clinic one day. After I treated him for his illness, I got his business card and contacted him later. We meet monthly at Starbucks at 7am for one hour. Our agreement is to meet six times. We have met three times so far.
  • Writing mentor?This person is a well-known writer who I had the privilege of meeting a few years ago. I meet with him by phone once a month. Our agreement is do that until the end of this year. This person is also in his mid-fifties.
  • Spiritual mentors?I have two people in this area. The first is one of my cousins with whom I meet every three months at a local restaurant for breakfast on Saturdays. The other person I have known for over 10 years. He is in his early thirties. We started meeting about 3 months ago at a local restaurant, and we meet monthly.


In addition to these, I also have periodic dinners with a friend where we exchange ideas we are learning about faith and leadership. I seek the counsel of certain people in my inner circle regularly, but not in a formal “mentor/mentee” relationship. I am also a part of a mastermind group with twelve people who meet by phone once a month to discuss leadership issues. There have been others in the past who have helped me, and I also keep a list of people for potential mentorship in the future. In my current season of life, this is probably the most I can do. Some may think this is too many people. I don?t think so. Top athletes often have seven or eight coaches for different aspects of their sport. For me, in the sport of life, I seek to get all the help I can find.

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