How to Become Mature in Life and Leadership

Do you long to mature in certain areas of your life? If you do, remember that maturation is a result of applying principles not currently being applied. Head knowledge alone does not produce maturity. Allow me to share with you some thoughts on becoming mature in life and leadership.


If your six-year-old knows that she should say thank you when someone gives her a gift, but does not, she really has not matured in that area. Similarly, if a leader knows that they should not announce new initiatives before running ideas by their main players, but they do it anyway, then they have not matured in that area. If you know that you should be anxious in nothing, but you are anxious in everything, you have not matured in this spiritual discipline.

Maturing in any area requires applying new principles to that area.

Many times at church I hear concepts that make me think, Oh wow, that’s exactly what I need to do to grow in this area. I feel good, as if I have already matured in that area. But I leave and forget what was said. No application occurs. No behaviors change. That’s definitely not maturing.

If you long to be more mature in any area of your life, including your leadership or spiritual life, you must endeavor to apply.

The following is a list of instructions to help you go from hearing a principle to actually maturing in that area of your life.

  1. Understand what the words mean.
  2. Understand what it looks like inside and out.
  3. Understand how it applies to me.
  4. Agree that I should apply it.
  5. Start thinking about how it can be applied and internalized in my life.
  6. Start applying it. [MATURING BEGINS]
  7. Test if it is truly internalized and transformational.
  8. If it is, start failing, testing, succeeding?learning lessons.
  9. Become a practitioner of it.
  10. Create systems to remember it, and continue applying it.

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