You Were Made For More

You were. We all were.

made for more


These may not be your beliefs. But I want to share with you mine, if I may. I believe there is a God. I believe God made us. I believe God loves us. And, I believe God destined us for greatness. Not greatness as defined by society: beauty, fame, and fortune. Rather, we are destined for greatness in God?s eyes, as He defines it for each of us.

As you discover this definition of greatness for yourselves, I want to remind you today that you were made for more. Much more than you are now. How do I know? Because few of us maximize our full capacity and potential. I believe we were made to rise from our nothingness, withstand storms, transcend defeat, and blast through the silence and the void of loneliness.


Victory. That is what you were made for, and that is what you should seek. Victory over your weak composition. Victory over your emotions and destiny. Victory because you hold fast to the promises of a loving Father. Victory because you hold true to a commitment to yourself. Victory because you will not be defined by anything except by what you believe to be right and true.


But I ask myself: You talk about more. What more do you want? And why do you always need more and seek more?

This can hold us hostage: the curse of more. We all want more, don?t we? If we were satisfied with what we have, wouldn?t life be better? Easier?

I quietly murmur. ?No. I want more.? I want more of God. I want more love, more patience, and more wisdom.? I want to give more and become more. I want to help more and touch more lives in more meaningful ways.

I want you to know that wherever you are right now, at whatever point you may be stuck at, you can be more because you were made to be great?a greatness you tap into when you touch the depths of the Eternal.

My leader friend, have courage today. Stand firm. Stand strong. Persevere. Glow. Burst through to new beginnings. Twitter_logo_blue

Because you were made for more!

Question: What would you like more of in your life?
(Please leave your answer in the comment section below.)

Your friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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