Passion: Why Is It Important to Your Leadership?

Passion is one of those amorphous qualities that is hard to pin down and define. You definitely know it when you see it. But really, what is passion? And why is it important for us to have as we lead our lives and lead others forward?

leadership with passion

Passion: What is it?

Passion is intensity, conviction, hunger, obsession, and excitement.
Passion is fervor, spirit, boldness, eagerness, and commitment.
Passion is a deep yearning of the soul.
That is passion.

Passion is when the human heart is on fire!
Passion is when you attack the canvas of life with a wide brush and paint with vibrant colors.
Passion is, as my friend Pastor Peter Rahme says, ?Wow is now and the best is yet to come.”
That is passion.

Passion is leaving a deep lasting impression on your world.
Passion is that spark in the eye, zest in the walk, and determination in the spirit.
Passion is giving everything you have to everything you do. Twitter_logo_blue
That is passion.

Passion is craving our vision like we crave air.
Passion is being willing to suffer for what we love.
Passion is living every second on purpose.
That is passion!

Passion goes beyond a peppy personality or mere effervescence. It is not about being vivacious and vibrant, or simply having a great attitude. Although these may be important and desirable qualities,?passion is a fountain of life that flows forth quietly for some and like raging rapids for others.

Passion: Why have it?

Why have passion?

Because people with passion scale mountains.
People with passion dare greatly.
People with passion dream beautifully.
People with passion defy the impossible.
People with passion change the world.

Do I want to live with passion? Do I want to lead with passion? You bet!?I want to?live today and every day with passion! And I want to execute leadership with passion, fighting for a dream I am passionate about. Why? Because passion awakens passion in others and?invites them to come along. And passion attracts other passionate people who are also looking to make a mark.

Passion: How do you get it?

So, how do you get passion? When you are able to connect what you do to a great life mission, passion is born. Passion comes when people believe in their heart of hearts that what they are aiming for is profoundly impacting. They believe that their life matters and what they do matters.

We cannot snap our fingers and become forever people of unending passion. We all go through periods of negative downturns and diminutive emotions. We all experience sadness, frustration, defeat, and fear. And in these times we think we’ve lost our passion, or we will never find it. But as we live our lives, with God?s help we find our way and even in the midst of these valleys, we connect (or re-connect) with our passion.

My wish for you and me is that we discover?and live everyday?in our passion!

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature

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