Is There More to Life?

As a leader, you live life fully. You study, you work, you travel, you marry, you have kids, you accomplish, and you have fun. And often you get to a point in life where you ask yourself, Is this all there is?

Allow me to share with you in this blog how I make sense of life, specifically how I understand the spiritual dimension.

is there more to life

Is this all there is?

To a humanist or an atheist the answer is yes. For them, life, despite all its intricacies, its beauty and majesty, is all there is. I respect them and their point of view. But, I believe there is more.

Many feel that science refutes the existence of God, and our politically correct Western society dictates that we are not to impose or even hint what our beliefs are because we could offend someone.

I want to challenge that paradigm. What if I share with you what I believe, and you share with me what you believe? Even though our beliefs may be mutually exclusive, why not afford each other space, and regardless of our beliefs, give each other love and respect? Why not hear each other out? Why does someone always have to be offended?

I am a Christian.

Many, today, are ashamed to admit that they are. I am not ashamed. I am proud to follow a Leader who taught people to love their enemies, to be humble, to be kind, to give more than they receive, to yearn for heaven, to live for more than their carnal desires, not to lie, to be gentle, to be a peacemaker, to be meek and merciful, not to judge, to turn the other cheek, and to go the extra mile.

From the emptiness of life comes the search for more. Twitter_logo_blue?For me, the ?more? I found was God. It must be God. And He is the God Who is revealed in the Bible. The God Who created everything. And here’s how the story goes: while He had angels worshipping Him, He created beings (human beings) with one major difference?

He gave us a free will. All of a sudden, these new beings He created could now reject Him. Of course, He desires that we accept, and not reject, Him. But He does not make us. What do we choose? If we choose God, His desire is that we fellowship with Him, and the happiest people I know are those who do.

You may be tired and weary today. You may have worked hard and succeeded or failed. You may be the best leader there is. But then you come home and sit in bed. You close your eyes and think to yourself, so what??You may have even given up on ?the God thing.? I have been there. Would you let me share with you what I believe?

How do you become a Christian? How do you then have fellowship with God? Simple. Believe that God exists as revealed in the Bible, and believe that God came to earth and died so that you and I can live. That?s it. Then live a life of constant communication with Him. Because that is where happiness lies. And that is why God created us in the first place.

That’s what I believe. That’s how I make sense of this human journey. After the leadership journey is done, and after my candle on earth has melted away, this is what will matter. It is all that matters.

What leadership cannot solve…

As you know, I believe that excellence in leadership is the answer to most of our problems. Except one. Leadership cannot give meaning to your life. It cannot answer the question,?is there more to life?

Only God can. Find Him.

I am happy to tell you more. Email me if you are interested at

Your Friend,
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