Is My Best Good Enough?

We cannot give more than our best. As a parent, a spouse, a boss, a team member, or as a leader?our best is our limit.

What is your best??And has it been enough to take you where you want to go in life?

is my best good enough

Most parents I meet?teach the best things they know to their children. They impart their best values and skills. They give them their best advice. They share with them the best experiences they?ve had, introduce them to the best people they can, and pull them toward the best faith journey they?ve discovered.

In our leadership,?it is the same story. We apply the top communication skills we know, the highest emotional awareness we have, and the best management principles we’ve acquired in order to build effective teams and organizations.

Our best is our limit. You cannot give more than your best. But here comes?the difficult question:

Is my best good enough? ?

Is it?

The general axiom of “do your best and forget the rest” has a lot of truth to it. But sometimes our best is simply not enough to meet our aspirations and those of our families and teams. What can we do when our best efforts aren’t enough? Once we’ve reached our limitations, is that where we must stop?

What could we do instead to gain broader experiences, increase our education, or simply grow in maturity? If we are to exceed our current limits, we must endeavor to push our best to a higher level. Twitter_logo_blue

As you go about the rest of your day, I urge you to think on this. You cannot give to the people you care about beyond your current ceiling of knowledge, maturity, and experience.

Go higher. The people in your life draw from your leadership. Your world depends on you.

Your Friend,
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